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Task 1 Analysis of Business Environment

Obtain an idea of business prospects from openly available data

  • Sort out the current trending scenarios in Japan
  • Obtain an idea of the market environment

Task 2 Internal Analysis of the Company Situation

Internal SWOT analysis

  • Obtain an idea of the current situation
  • Obtain an idea of the current strategies and problematic issues
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis to sort them out

Task 3 Analysis of Competition

Analyse the competing companies to get an idea of the factors in their successes

  • Obtain an idea of the current competitors
  • Cases of success, cases of failure
  • Arrange them on a competition positioning map

Task 4 Analysis of Consumers

Obtain an idea of the deep needs of consumers

  • Net-based research (questionnaire)
  • Group interviews
  • Obtain an idea of the deep needs of consumers

Task 5 Formulation of Business Model

Establish a business model

  • Establish a business model
  • Future predictions

Task 6 Marketing Plan

Formulate a plan for implementing the strategy

  • Formulate branding plan
  • Also present effective measures for sales promotion

Task 7 Construction of a System of Promoting the Formulation of Operational Policy

Construct a system for formulating operational policy and carrying out the actual work

  • Set up a support system
  • Establish collaborative enterprises, and so on

Business Consulting

GDI consultants will consider things from the same viewpoint as the business owner and together they will negotiate numerous hurdles by providing services ranging from support in making intermittent strategic decisions, shaping agreements both inside and outside the company, achieving things speedily and entrenching changes, to the detection of new problems in strategy.

  • Enterprise vision / group management strategy
  • Business portfolio strategy / M & A strategy
  • Brand value strategy / customer loyalty strategy
  • New market entry strategy / constructing new business models
  • Business revitalisation strategy
  • Business IT strategy
  • Customer & marketing strategy (CPM-Strategy: Customer, Product and Marketing)
  • New product development strategy (NPD-Strategy: New Product Development)
  • Purchasing and supplier strategy (SRM-Strategy: Supplier Relationship Management)
  • Supply Chain Strategy (SCM-Strategy: Supply Chain Management)
  • Business structure revamp (PI-Strategy: Performance Improvement)
  • Management revamp (VBM- Value Based Management)

IT Solution

GDI will formulate IT strategy that is aligned with the business strategy to support business management and the business itself

Client Tasks

Unable to obtain the business effects that were expected of IT usage

  • Formulation of IT Strategy – Formulate IT strategy that will contribute to both management and business

Investment in IT has been ineffective

This needs to be addressed in both aspects of contribution to cost reduction and contribution to business

  • IT Investment Management – Management of IT investment to bring about expenditure cuts / work / IT process reforms

It is difficult to get the IT environment to cope with changes in the business environment

Enormous costs to maintain the IT environment

  • IT Architecture – Formulate the optimum IT architecture and roadmap

Insufficient budget and human resources to contribute to departmental business

  • IT Organisation / IT Staff – Formulate strategies for creating an organisational structure and staffing that will enable your IT strategy to be realised

Overall effects not attained

Reports on individual projects show good progress, but overall…..

  • IT Operation Management – Comprehensive management of IT activities in order to achieve the IT strategy